Court Case Record GEORGE BRAGDON & others vs. TOWN OF FAIRHAVEN & others 2012-J-0056 UID(2d53)

GEORGE BRAGDON & others vs. TOWN OF FAIRHAVEN & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2012-J-0056

Case Number2012-J-0056
Case TitleGEORGE BRAGDON & others vs. TOWN OF FAIRHAVEN & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtBristol Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date02/09/2012
Close Date02/22/2012


Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireGeorge BragdonPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireMargarita BragdonPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireSusan PowersPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireKaren IsherwoodPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireKenneth PottelPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireJoyce PottelPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireGrant MenardPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireMaria MenardPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireDonna McKennaPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireKevin McKennaPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireChristine GobenPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquirePeter GobenPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireJohn MethiaPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireCheryl MethiaPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireDouglas JonesPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquirePaula JonesPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireRobert EspindolaPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireAnn EspindolaPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireJames AguiarPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireSherly AguiarPlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireBradford Robert PeircePlaintiff/Petitioner
Ann Ponichtera DeNardis, EsquireDeborah GabrielPlaintiff/Petitioner
Thomas P. Crotty, EsquireTown of FairhavenDefendant/Respondent
Thomas P. Crotty, EsquireMembers of Fairhaven SelectboardDefendant/Respondent
Thomas P. Crotty, EsquireBuilding Commiss FairhavenDefendant/Respondent
Thaddeus Heuer, EsquireFairhaven Wind, LLCDefendant/Respondent
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
02/09/2012 #1 Petition pursuant to M.G.L. c. 231, ยง 118 with attachments, filed by George Bragdon, Margarita Bragdon, Susan Powers, Karen Isherwood, Kenneth Pottel, Joyce Pottel, Grant Menard, Maria Menard, Donna McKenna, Kevin McKenna, Christine Goben, Peter Goben, John Methia, Cheryl Methia, Douglas Jones, Paula Jones, Robert Espindola, Ann Espindola, James Aguiar, Sherly Aguiar, Bradford Robert Peirce, & Deborah Gabriel.
02/15/2012 #2 Opposition to Petition with attachments, filed by Town of Fairhaven.
02/16/2012 #3 Opposition to Petition, filed by Fairhaven Wind, LLC.
02/21/2012 #4 Letter from Attorney Ann Ponichtera DeNardis re: object to the form of the opposition submitted by the Town of Fairhaven.
02/22/2012 #5 ORDER: Based on a consideration of the petition, the materials contained in the accompanying Appendix, the briefs, and the comprehensive written decision by the trial judge, the Single Justice hereby DENIES the request for interlocutory relief from an order of the Superior Court (McGguire, J.) denying the plaintiffs' request for a preliminary injunction and dismissing two counts of the complaint (counts 2 and 3 known as the zoning counts). (Agnes, J.) *Notice/Attest.
02/29/2012 RE#4: Treating the within as a motion to strike the defendant's opposition, and as such, it is denied (Agnes, J.). *Notice.