Court Case Record GENERAL HOSPITAL CORP., INC. & others vs. SHEILA DEERY 2006-P-1448 UID(711d)

GENERAL HOSPITAL CORP., INC. & others vs. SHEILA DEERY Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2006-P-1448

Case Number2006-P-1448
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyApp.Ct. Single Justice SU
CourtApp.Ct. Single Justice SU
Court Address
Field Date08/10/2006
Close Date07/18/2007


Catherine A. Tocci, EsquireGeneral Hospital Corp., Inc.Plaintiff/Appellee
Catherine A. Tocci, EsquirePartners Healthcare System, IncPlaintiff/Appellee
Catherine A. Tocci, EsquireGeorge Allen PeckhamPlaintiff/Appellee
Catherine A. Tocci, EsquireKathleen PeckhamPlaintiff/Appellee
Sheila DeeryDefendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
09/22/2006 #1 Prior A.C. cases involving same parties: 2006-J-0422.
09/22/2006 #2 MOTION to waive entry fee, filed by Sheila Deery w/attach.
09/22/2006 #3 RE#1: Allowed. The entry fee is waived and the case is entered this date. Notice
09/22/2006 #4 Entered.
09/22/2006 #5 Notice of entry sent.
10/23/2006 #6 Mail to Sheila Deery returned...RTS..address blacked out...
10/30/2006 #7 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Sheila Deery.
10/31/2006 #8 RE#3: Allowed to 11/06/2006. *Notice.
11/03/2006 #9 Mail to Sheila Derry returned w/address by PO on yellow sticker..will resend to that address.
11/09/2006 #10 Copy of P#Mail to Sheila Derry returned w/address crossed out...RTS..
11/09/2006 #11 MOTION to allow late filing of brief, filed by Sheila Deery.
11/13/2006 #12 RE#4: The motion to accept a nonconforming brief and appendix is allowed, however, the only issue properly before the court is appeal from the denial of the motion to docket the underlying appeal late. See 2006-J-422. Counsel for the appellees need address that issue only. (Berry, J.) *Notice.
11/09/2006 #13 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Defendant/Appellant Sheila Deery.
11/16/2006 Mail to Sheila Derry returned....RTS..forward time expired..will resend to address by PO.
11/22/2006 MOTION to extend brief due date of General Hospital Corp., Inc., Partners Healthcare System, Inc., G. Allen Peckham, and Kathleen Peckham.
11/22/2006 RE#6: Allowed to 01/08/07. No further enlargement. Notice
11/28/2006 Motion for the issuance of bond and/or security per Rule 65 and allow for tolling of all time lines related to any related actions, filed by Sheila Deery.
11/29/2006 Mail to Sheila Deery and address blacked out...
11/29/2006 RE#7: No action by the single justice is appropriate at this juncture. (Brown, J.) *Notice.
11/30/2006 Motion for reimbursement, filed by Sheila Deery.
11/30/2006 MOTION to strike prior motion for security and/or bond and tolling of status, filed by Sheila Deery.
11/30/2006 RE#8: Any request for costs shall await the outcome of the appeal. See MRAP 26. (Brown, J.) *Notice.