Court Case Record Feng v. Yang A144961 UID(5692)

Feng v. Yang Court Case Record

Court Case Number: A144961

Case NumberA144961
Case TitleFeng v. Yang
Case TypeCV
StateCalifornia, CA
CountyAll Counties
CourtAppellate Court
Court Address1st Appellate District
Field Date
Close Date3/1/2017


Pro PerJane FengPlaintiff and Appellant
Jerry Ray Hauser
MillerHauser Law Group, LLP
790 Mission Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901

David YangDefendant and Respondent
Docket (Register of Actions)
Date Description Notes
05/01/2015 Notice of appeal lodged/received. by plaintiff Jane Feng filed 04/16/15.
05/01/2015 Notified parties of local rules and procedures.
05/01/2015 Default notice sent-appellant notified per rule 8.100(c). as to appellant Jane Feng
05/07/2015 Application for waiver of filing fee filed.
05/06/2015 Received default notice 8.121(a) designation not filed. Dated: 05/05/15, Appellant has 15 days to designate record (05/20/15).
05/19/2015 Default letter sent; no case information statement filed.
05/18/2015 Appellant's notice designating record on appeal filed in trial court on: 05/14/15, designating CT with NO RT.
05/20/2015 Civil case information statement filed. as to appellant Jane Feng; copy of 4/17/15 judgment attached
06/02/2015 Received: Documents from appellant Jane Feng, "Motion: Find defendant David J. Yang making false information to the court."
06/18/2015 Respondent's notice designating record on appeal filed in trial court on: 06/03/15, designating additional CT.
06/18/2015 Filed proof of service. 05/15/15, as to appellant's notice designating record on appeal.
07/01/2015 Rec'd co. notice to appellant re: estimate. 06/30/15, Cost of CT is $279.00 for respondent.
07/09/2015 Record on appeal filed. 1CT
07/16/2015 Order filed. BY THE COURT: On June 2, 2015, this court received a document entitled, "Motion [ΒΆ] PLAINTIFFS: Jane Feng and Zhen Zhou Find Defendant David J Yang making False Information to the Court." The "motion" is unopposed. As an initial matter, plaintiff Zhen Zhou is not a party to this appeal. Zhou did not file a notice of appeal, pay a filing fee, or secure a waiver of the filing fee. The notice of appeal was signed by Feng only and did not apply to other, unrepresented parties such as Zhou. In general, no one other than a licensed attorney may represent another party in court or file documents in court on another party's behalf. Accordingly, we disregard the motion to the extent it seeks relief on behalf of Zhou. Upon due consideration, appellant Feng's motion is denied. It is unclear what relief Feng seeks, although it appears that she seeks to reverse the judgment on appeal by claiming that defendant David Yang obtained the judgment by "cheating." Insofar as Feng relies on documents and evidence outside the record on appeal, her claim is not properly before this court. (See generally Vons Companies, Inc. v. Seabest Foods, Inc. (1996) 14 Cal.4th 434, 444, fn. 3.) If Feng seeks to reverse the judgment on appeal, she must present her arguments in an opening brief that is based upon matters contained in the record on appeal or that are properly the subject of judicial notice.
08/14/2015 Appellant's opening brief. Plaintiff and Appellant: Jane Feng Pro Per
09/14/2015 Respondent's brief. Defendant and Respondent: David Yang Attorney: Jerry Ray Hauser
10/02/2015 Appellant's reply brief. Plaintiff and Appellant: Jane Feng Pro Per
10/05/2015 Case fully briefed.
11/03/2015 Case on conference list. 15-11
11/03/2015 Oral argument waiver notice sent.
11/05/2015 Record to court for review.
11/10/2015 Request for oral argument filed by: Jane Feng in pro per
Description: Affirmed in full
Date: 03/01/2017
Disposition Type: Final The judgment is affirmed.
Publication Status: Signed Unpublished
Author: Jenkins, Martin J.
Participants: Siggins, Peter J. (Concur) Pollak, Stuart R. (Concur)
Case Citation: none