Court Case Record FAROUK YOUSSEF vs. EDWARD LAVELLE & others 2013-P-0593 UID(514e)

FAROUK YOUSSEF vs. EDWARD LAVELLE & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2013-P-0593

Case Number2013-P-0593
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtPlymouth Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date03/06/2009
Close Date06/12/2014


Audrey Y. Botros, Esquire Saher Joseph Macarius, EsquireFarouk YoussefPlaintiff/Appellant
David M. Butler, EsquireEdward LavelleDefendant/Appellee
Stephen K. Midgley, EsquireClement FogartyDefendant/Appellee
Timothy J. Burke, EsquireDavid RyanDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
04/09/2013 #1 Entered.
04/09/2013 #2 Notice of entry sent.
04/22/2013 #3 Docketing Statement received from Farouk Youssef.^
05/17/2013 #4 SERVICE of brief & appendix, 5 sets exhibits, 2 sets transcripts Vol I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII for Plaintiff/Appellant Farouk Youssef.
06/13/2013 #5 MOTION to extend brief due date of Edward Lavelle.
06/14/2013 #6 RE#4: Extension to 07/26/2013 granted for filing of brief of Edward Lavelle, Defendant/Appellee. Notice to counsel.
06/17/2013 #7 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellee David Ryan.
07/29/2013 #8 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellee Edward Lavelle.
08/08/2013 #9 SERVICE of reply brief for Plaintiff/Appellant Farouk Youssef.
09/12/2013 #10 Notice sent seeking information on unavailability for oral argument in November 2013
09/17/2013 #11 Letter of Audrey Y. Botros, Esquire unavailable for oral argument 11/7-11/18.
09/25/2013 #12 Notice of 11/01/2013, 9:30 AM argument at John Adams Courthouse, Courtroom 3 (a3) sent.
11/01/2013 #13 Oral argument held. (Wolohojian, J., Agnes, J., Sullivan, J.).
11/15/2013 #14 Letter from David M. Butler re: Copy of verdict slip. (Paper Filing)
11/18/2013 #15 RE#10: The within document is to be filed forthwith by emailing a PDF including any attachments and certificate of service to *Notice.
11/19/2013 Letter from David M. Butler re: Copy of verdict slip received by email. Rejection email sent for the following reason: The Certificate of Service was not sent as a PDF format and have no electronic signature.
11/19/2013 Letter from David M. Butler re: Copy of verdict slip.^
03/21/2014 Decision: Rule 1:28 Judgment affirmed (Wolohojian, Agnes & Sullivan, JJ.). *Notice.
04/04/2014 PETITION for Rehearing, filed by Farouk Youssef. @
04/07/2014 ORDER: The petition for rehearing having been considered, it is ordered that the petition be, and the same hereby is, denied. (Wolohojian, Agnes, Sullivan, JJ.) *Notice
04/10/2014 Copy of FAR application of Farouk Youssef
06/11/2014 FAR DENIED (on 06/10/2014).