Court Case Record EDWIN ORWAT vs. CITY OF CHICOPEE & another 2000-P-0257 UID(19c2)

EDWIN ORWAT vs. CITY OF CHICOPEE & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2000-P-0257

Case Number2000-P-0257
Case TitleEDWIN ORWAT vs. CITY OF CHICOPEE & another
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyChicopee District, HD
CourtChicopee District, HD
Court Address
Field Date11/12/1992
Close Date07/28/2000


Edwin OrwatPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Susan C. Phillips, EsquireCity of ChicopeeDefendant/Appellee
Susan C. Phillips, EsquireCivil Service CommissionDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
02/11/2000 #1 Prior A.C. cases involving same parties: 1993-P-0253, 1994-P-1035, 1995-P-0594, 1993-P-0253.
02/11/2000 #2 Entered.
03/09/2000 #3 Letter from Clerk's Office to Mr. Orwat re: Non-conforming briefs. Conformning briefs due oo or before 3/22/00.
03/14/2000 #4 Letter from Erwin Orwat re: Request for pre-hearing conference.what
03/14/2000 #5 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiff/Appellant Edwin Orwat.
03/15/2000 #6 RE#3: As to the request pursuant to MRAP 21, it is denied. As to the request for oral argument pursuant to MRAP 22, it is referred to the panel that will be designated to decide the appeal. (Gelinas, J.) *Notice.
04/06/2000 #7 MOTION to Dismiss, filed by Civil Service Commission.
04/06/2000 #8 MOTION to extend brief due date of Civil Service Commission.
04/14/2000 #9 OPPOSITION to #6 filed by Edwin Orwat.
04/14/2000 #10 OPPOSITION to #5 filed by Edwin Orwat.
04/14/2000 #11 RE#5 Action on the within deferred pending receipt of plaintiff's response to the within. Said response is due on or before 4/20/00. Notice.
04/18/2000 #12 Addendum from Edwin Orwat re: paper #8.
04/25/2000 #13 ORDER: "The appeal is dismissed for the reason that it is not properly before this court. The appellant has failed to follow.... G.L.c. 231, sections 108 and 109......." (Greenberg, Lenk, Rapoza, JJ.) *Notice/attest/image.
05/09/2000 #14 Motion To Void All Decisions filed by Edwin Orwat.
05/09/2000 Motion to reconsider paper #10 filed by Edwin Orwat.
05/12/2000 RE#11 Denied. (Greenberg, Lenk & Rapoza, JJ. ). Notice..
05/12/2000 RE#12 Denied. (Greenberg, Lenk & Rapoza, JJ.). Notice..
05/23/2000 Motion for rescript, filed by Edwin Orwat.
05/23/2000 RE#13: Treating the within as a request for another copy of this Court's 5/12/00 order dismissing the appeal, it is allowed. A copy of which is enclosed with this notice. *Notice.
05/26/2000 Motion for rescript, filed by Edwin Orwat.
05/26/2000 RE#14 As the actions of 5/12/00 on papers #11 & 12 were endorsements on the motions, there is no rescript for those actions. Notice.
06/07/2000 Copy of FAR application of Edwin Orwat.