Court Case Record Donna McLaughlin vs. Michael McLaughlin 2010-J-0530 UID(1681)

Donna McLaughlin vs. Michael McLaughlin Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2010-J-0530

Case Number2010-J-0530
Case TitleDonna McLaughlin vs. Michael McLaughlin
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyPlymouth Probate & Family
CourtPlymouth Probate & Family
Court Address
Field Date11/17/2010
Close Date12/01/2010


Kenneth M. McGoldrick, EsquireDonna McLaughlinPlaintiff/Respondent
Michael W. Zinni, EsquireMichael McLaughlinDefendant/Petitioner
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
11/17/2010 #1 Memo: ***** Children information impounded *****
11/17/2010 #2 PETITION for a stay pursuant to G.L. c. 215, s. 23 and for interlocutory relief pursuant to G.L. c. 231, s. 118 with attach, filed by Michael McLaughlin.
11/24/2010 #3 Affidavit of defendant/petitioner in support of #1 received from Michael W. Zinni, Esq.
11/29/2010 Memorandum in opposition to Petition for stay under G.L.M. 215 § 23 and interlocutory relief pursuant to G.L.M. 231 § 118, filed by Donna McLaughlin.
12/01/2010 RE#1: Denied. (Kafker, J.) *Notice/attest.