Court Case Record Damon Lavelle Asberry v. The State of Texas 10-15-00032-CR UID(5602)

Damon Lavelle Asberry v. The State of Texas Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 10-15-00032-CR

Case Number10-15-00032-CR
Case TitleDamon Lavelle Asberry v. The State of Texas
Case TypeAppeal from an Order Denying DNA Testing
StateTexas, TX
Court54th District Court
Court AddressHonorable Matt Johnson
Field Date02/06/2015
Close Date


Walter M. Reaves Jr.Asberry, Damon LavelleCriminal - Appellant
Gabriel Price
Abel Reyna
Sterling A. Harmon
The State of TexasCriminal - State of Texas
Case Events
Date Event Type Disposition Document
11/09/2017 Motion for extension of time to file petition for discretionary review disposed by Court of Criminal Appeals Motion granted; no further extensions of time will be entertained
11/07/2017 Certification of Compliance that opinion sent to criminal defendant
11/06/2017 Late compliance notice
10/18/2017 Memorandum opinion issued Affirmed
10/18/2017 Retention time case file will be retained
10/18/2017 Judgment Issued [ DOCX/100 KB ] Jment issd
10/18/2017 Submitted
09/26/2017 Set for submission on briefs - oral argument denied
05/18/2017 Case ready to be set
05/18/2017 Brief filed - oral argument not requested
04/18/2017 Brief filed - oral argument requested
04/11/2017 Motion for extension of time to file brief disposed Grant motion
04/06/2017 Motion for extension of time to file brief filed
03/08/2017 Case reinstated Re-Instate Appeal
03/08/2017 Order entered Re-Instate Appeal
02/14/2017 Supplemental reporters record filed
02/09/2017 Exhibits filed
02/06/2017 Supplemental clerks record filed
01/18/2017 Order issued Abated
01/02/2017 Case remanded from higher court
01/02/2017 Mandate issued
12/07/2016 Order entered Reversed & Remanded to Ct. App
Set Date Calendar Type Reason Set
12/18/2017 Status Release to publisher
12/18/2017 Status Petition for discretionary review due in Court of Criminal Appeals