Court Case Record DVOIRA ROIZMAN vs. BARKAN MANAGEMENT CO., INC. 2010-P-1774 UID(6f58)


Court Case Number: 2010-P-1774

Case Number2010-P-1774
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyBoston Housing
CourtBoston Housing Court
Court Address
Field Date04/30/2009
Close Date08/03/2011


Dvoira RoizmanPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Daniel A. Bancroft, Esquire Withdrawn Adam G. Cohen, Esquire Amy J. Vesely, EsquireBarkan Management Co., Inc.Defendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
10/08/2010 #1 MOTION to waive entry fee, filed by Dvoira Roiaman.
10/08/2010 #2 RE#1 After review of the appellant's affidavit of indigency and supplement thereto, the motion is allowed and the appeal is entered this date with payment of the entry fee waived. *Notice.
10/08/2010 #3 Entered.
10/08/2010 #4 Notice of entry sent.
10/22/2010 #5 Notice of withdrawal as counsel for Barkan Management Co., Inc., filed by Daniel A. Bancroft.
10/22/2010 #6 Notice of appearance of Adam G. Cohen for Barkan Management Co., Inc.
10/22/2010 #7 Notice of appearance of Amy J. Vesely for Barkan Management Co., Inc.
11/04/2010 #8 Motion to allow expert testimony filed by Dvoira Roizman.
11/05/2010 #9 OPPOSITION to motion to allow appellant to file a non-compliant brief, filed by Barkan Management Co., Inc..
11/04/2010 #10 Motion to allow the filing of a noncompliant brief and adjust date of 40 days filed by Dvoira Roizman.
11/04/2010 #11 Motion to enter evidence from Housing Court in addition to exhibits sent to Appeals Court filed by Dvoira Roizman.
11/12/2010 #12 RE#8: The appellant is given leave to file five copies of a brief and record appendix, and to serve one copy of each on opposing counsel. The appellant's brief and record appendix are permitted to be filed with hand written covers containing all information required under MRAP 20(a)(4). The requirement for the inclusion of a statutory addendum is waived. The brief and record appendix shall conform in all other respects to the rules of appellate procedure. The appellant's request for a forty-day extension is allowed, and the brief and record appendix shall be filed on or before 12/22/2010. (Kafker, J.) *Notice.
11/12/2010 #13 RE#9 The appellant is free to include as part of the record on appeal any documents made part of the trial court's record. As the Appeals Court is a reviewing court, documents that are not part of the trial court's record are not before this court, and inclusion in the record on appeal shall only be allowed by seeking leave of court to do so. (Kafker, J.) *Notice.
11/12/2010 #14 RE#7 See the action this date on paper #8. *Notice.
11/12/2010 #15 RE#6: Denied. (Kafker, J.) Notice.
12/16/2010 #16 Motion to file non-conforming brief filed by Dvoira Roizman.
12/16/2010 #17 Motion of Leave of Court to Allow Filing A Slightly Larger Brief, List of Exhibits Ignored by Housing Court, Request to Invite Me and Allow to Show You The Court CD Because My Transcript is Doctored filed by Dvoira Roizman.
12/16/2010 #18 Motion to Reconsider To Allow Expert Testimony filed by Dvoira Roizman.
12/22/2010 #19 RE#12: Denied. (Cypher, J.) *Notice.
12/22/2010 #20 RE#10 See action of 12/22/10 on paper no. 11. Notice
12/22/2010 #21 RE#11 The within is accepted for filing and referred to the panel designated to decide the appeal (Cypher, J.). *Notice
12/22/2010 #22 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiff/Appellant Dvoira Roizman.