Court Case Record DOUGLAS G. BAILEY & another vs. ASTRA TECH, INC. & others 2012-P-0877 UID(5d9c)

DOUGLAS G. BAILEY & another vs. ASTRA TECH, INC. & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2012-P-0877

Case Number2012-P-0877
Case TitleDOUGLAS G. BAILEY & another vs. ASTRA TECH, INC. & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtSuffolk Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date01/13/2009
Close Date07/02/2012


Elizabeth H. Kelly, EsquireDouglas G. BaileyPlaintiff/Appellant
Gail M. Ryan, EsquireRobert G. StockardPlaintiff
Aliki Drakodaidis, EsquireAstra Tech, Inc.Defendant/Appellee
Barbara Gruenthal, EsquireFoley & Lardner, LLPDefendant/Appellee
Barbara Gruenthal, EsquireCharles R. DoughertyDefendant
ABV Holding Company 3, LLCThird-party Defendant
ABV Holding Company 4, LLCThird-party Defendant
ABV Holding Company 5, LLCThird-party Defendant
ABV Holding Company 11, LLCThird-party Defendant
Gerald BloomThird-party Defendant
Brookwood Financial Partners, LPThird-party Defendant
John D. ChamblissThird-party Defendant
Harvey E. Bines, EsquireCID Equity Capital VIII, LPThird-party Defendant
Keith CooperThird-party Defendant
Harvey E. Bines, EsquireHeron Capital Venture Fund I, LPThird-party Defendant
Ironwood Equity Fund, LPThird-party Defendant
Perter LaiminisThird-party Defendant
Harvey E. Bines, EsquireLife Sciences Opportunities FundThird-party Defendant
Richard E. MastromatteoThird-party Defendant
Robert H. MooreheadThird-party Defendant
Richard H. OedelThird party plaintiff/appellee
William O'NeillThird-party Defendant
Orlene ShimbergThird-party Defendant
Steven ShimbergThird-party Defendant
Tolkoff Family, LP, IIThird-party Defendant
VIMAC AC, LPThird-party Defendant
VIMAC AC2, LPThird-party Defendant
VIMAC AC3, LPThird-party Defendant
VIMAC Early Stage Fund, LPThird-party Defendant
VIMAC ESF Annex Fund, LPThird-party Defendant
Arnold WatkinThird-party Defendant
Harvey E. Bines, EsquireLife Seciences Opportunities (InThird-party Defendant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
05/29/2012 #1 Entered.
05/29/2012 #2 Notice of entry sent.
06/11/2012 #3 Docketing Statement received from Douglas G. Bailey.^
06/11/2012 Impoundment note: In connection with Appeal Docket No. 2012-P-0478, certain impounded documents have already submitted in the Joint Appendix in accordance with the Appeals Court's impoundment procedures. No further impounded documents will be submitted.
07/02/2012 MOTION to consolidate 12-P-478 with 12-P-877, filed by Douglas G. Bailey.
07/02/2012 RE#3: The appeals 12-P-478 & 12-P-877 are hereby consolidated and all future filings shall reflect only 12-P-478, as 12-P-877 is now closed. As the parties have agreed and stipulated to within, no further briefing is necessary in the consolidated appeal, as all issues raised in the consolidated appeal have now been briefed by the parties, and, additionally, that the decision by the Court shall be determinative of all issues raised in the consolidated appeals, 12-P-478 & 12-P-877. *Notice.
07/02/2012 For further entries, see A.C. 2012-P-0478.