Court Case Record DONALD P. RENKOWIC vs. DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE & another 2011-P-0906 UID(41ed)


Court Case Number: 2011-P-0906

Case Number2011-P-0906
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyHampshire Probate & Fam
CourtHampshire Probate & Fam
Court Address
Field Date03/09/2000
Close Date07/23/2012


Donald P. RenkowicPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Steven Louis Baumohl, Esquire Christine Baily, Esquire Withdrawn Peter N. Downing, A.A.G. Withdrawn Omar Francisco Gonzalez-Pagan, A.A.G.Department of RevenueDefendant/Appellee
Tina Marie AmoPro Se Defendant/Appellee
J. David KeaneyOther interested party
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
05/24/2011 #1 Motion to waive entry fee, filed by Donald P. Renkowic, is allowed.
05/24/2011 #2 Entered.
05/24/2011 #3 Notice of entry sent.
06/01/2011 #4 Memo: Notice of entry mailed to Steven Louis Baumohl, Esq. - Dept. of Revenue, CSE - RTS - UTF. - Address Chg. - resent to correct address this date.
06/02/2011 #5 Memo: Entry notice sent to Tina Marie Amo returned as "insufficient address - unable to forward."
06/08/2011 #6 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Donald P. Renkowic.
06/08/2011 #7 RE#3: Denied without prejudice to refiling with a date to which the appellant would like the due date extended. *Notice.
06/08/2011 #8 Copy of letter to Hampshire County Probate & Family Court re: funds for printing and binding an appeal received from Donald P. Renkowic.
06/08/2011 #9 Letter from Donald P. Renkowic re: Printing & binding appeal and record appendix.
06/13/2011 #10 Revised docket entries (certified; two copies) received from Hampshire Probate & Family Court.
06/10/2011 #11 RE#5: Appellant's motion for costs for copying his brief and appendix is denied. The Legal Resources Department at the institution has provided appellant with Law Library privileges, and it appears that copying services also will be made available. Appellant is granted an enlargement of time to file his brief and appendix, and is given leave to file a lesser number of briefs and appendices than required by the rules. Five (5) copies of his brief and appendix shall be filed on or before 8/5/11 with one copy served on each of the appellees. (Katzmann, J.). Notice
06/16/2011 #12 Letter from Mr. J. David Keaney (Hampden Sheriff's Department) re: Donald P. Renkowic is a inmate and unable to e-mailing.
06/21/2011 #13 RE#7: The Court's standing order requiring the electronic filing of the all motions and letters filed after panel assignment does not apply to filings by incarcerated litigants. See Standing Order at A. (5). A courtesy copy of the standing order is enclosed. *Notice/J. David Keaney
07/22/2011 #14 SERVICE of brief (5) & appendix (4) for Plaintiff/Appellant Donald P. Renkowic.
08/22/2011 #15 Notice of appearance of Christine Baily for Department of Revenue.
08/22/2011 #16 MOTION to extend brief due date of Department of Revenue.
08/22/2011 #17 RE#10: Allowed to 09/30/2011. Notice to counsel.
08/26/2011 #18 Letter from Donald P. Renkowic re: request the court to withdraw the Department of Revenue's motion to file a responsive brief.
08/29/2011 #19 RE#11: The within is treated as a motion for reconsideration of the court's allowance , on 8/22/11 (RE#10), of the appellee's motion to extend time to file brief, and as such, it is allowed. Upon reconsideration, the action allowing the motion is to stand. *Notice.
09/22/2011 #20 MOTION to extend brief due date of Department of Revenue.
09/23/2011 #21 RE#12: Extension to 11/07/2011 granted for filing of brief of Department of Revenue, Defendant/Appellee. Notice to counsel.
11/08/2011 #22 MOTION to file supplemental appendix, filed by Department of Revenue.