Court Case Record DENNIS KULESZA vs. BOSTON HARBOR MARINA, INC., D/B/A & others 2010-P-1752 UID(3378)


Court Case Number: 2010-P-1752

Case Number2010-P-1752
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date06/09/2004
Close Date05/01/2012


James A. Reidy, Esquire Withdrawn Joseph H. Reinhardt, EsquireDennis KuleszaPlaintiff/Appellant
John A. Eklund, EsquireBoston Harbor Marina, Inc., d/b/Defendant/Appellee
Kenneth H. Anderson, EsquireSaeed R. SaadtDefendant/Appellee
Kenneth H. Anderson, EsquireRichard T. McCarthyDefendant/Appellee
Kenneth H. Anderson, EsquireJoesph M. HolmesDefendant/Appellee
Mark A. Darling, EsquireJason R. LongDefendant/Appellee
Mark A. Darling, EsquireRichard J. LongDefendant/Appellee
Bradley A. MacDonald, EsquireRobert S. LongDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
10/06/2010 #1 Entered.
10/06/2010 #2 Notice of entry sent.
11/15/2010 #3 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Dennis Kulesza.
11/17/2010 #4 RE#2: Allowed to 11/22/10. Notice
11/24/2010 #5 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiff/Appellant Dennis Kulesza.
12/03/2010 #6 Assented to MOTION to Establish/Extend certain briefing deadlines, filed by Dennis Kulesza.
12/08/2010 #7 RE#4: Denied without prejudice. Appellant is to either move to file a corrected or amended brief, stating specific grounds, or re-file a request to enlarge the time to file a reply brief. Notice.
12/03/2010 #8 OPPOSITION to #4 filed by Jason R. Long, Richard J. Long.
12/07/2010 #9 RE#5 See court's 12/7/10 action on paper # 4. Notice.
12/03/2010 #10 Notice of disappearance as counsel for Dennis Kulesza, filed by James A. Reidy.
12/06/2010 #11 RE#6 The within is treated as Attorney Reidy's motion to withdraw as counsel and is allowed. *Notice.
12/06/2010 #12 Appearance of Joseph H. Reinhardt, Esquire for Dennis Kulesza.
12/15/2010 #13 Motion to reconsider paper #4 filed by Dennis Kulesza.
12/15/2010 #14 RE#8: The appellant may file and serve his reply brief per MRAP 16(c) on or before 1/27/11. All other requested relief is denied. *Notice.
12/08/2010 #15 MOTION to extend brief due date of Boston Harbor Marina, Inc., d/b/a.
12/13/2010 #16 RE#9: Extension to 01/24/2011 granted for filing of brief of Boston Harbor Marina, Inc., d/b/a, Defendant/Appellee. Notice to counsel.
01/05/2011 #17 Copy of "Defendants' Offer of Judgment Pursuant to M.R.C.P. 68", and copy of Correspondence from Attorney Joseph Reinhardt dated 12/21/10 accepting the offer of judgment, received from J. Gary Bennett, Esquire.
01/06/2011 RE#10 Should the parties, upon settlement, agree to dismiss the instant appeal, a stipulation of dismissal with prejudice and without an award of costs or fees shall be filed, pursuant to MRAP 29(b), and signed by all parties to the appeal. Notice
09/02/2011 RE#10: The appellant shall inform the court by way of a letter, on or before, 9/15/11, of the status of the pending appeal, and whether the parties have settled the instant matter. If the matter has been settled, and the parties have agreed to dismiss the appeal, a stipulation of dismissal, pursuant to MRAP 29(b), shall be filed in lieu of the letter, on or before 9/15/11, signed by all parties, and stating that the appeal is to be dismissed with prejudice and without an award of costs or fees to any party. * Notice.
09/15/2011 Letter from Joseph H. Reinhardt re: status of the appeal.
09/16/2011 RE#11: Treating the within as a motion to stay appellate proceedings and for leave to file a motion pursuant to Mass.R.Civ.P. 60, and as such it is allowed. The appellant is given leave to file, nunc pro tunc to 1/24/11, and the trial court to consider the Rule 60 motion. Appellate proceedings STAYED to 10/31/2011. Status report due 10/31/2011 concerning the Rule 60 motion. *Notice.
10/31/2011 Letter from Joseph H. Reinhardt, Esquire re: Status Report.