Court Case Record DENNIS DISCHINO vs. BOSTON COLLEGE & another 2001-P-1397 UID(99ff)

DENNIS DISCHINO vs. BOSTON COLLEGE & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2001-P-1397

Case Number2001-P-1397
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date01/12/2000
Close Date11/06/2001


Albert Auburn, EsquireDennis DiSchinoPlaintiff/Appellant
Brooks R. Brown, EsquireBoston CollegeDefendant/Appellee
Brooks R. Brown, Esquire Timothy M. Burke, Esquire Suzanne Caravaggio, EsquireEugene NeaultDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
10/04/2001 #1 Entered.
10/04/2001 #2 MOTION to consolidate appeals, filed by Dennis DiSchino.
10/04/2001 #3 RE#2: The motion is allowed and the plaintiff's appeal from the trial court's denial of his motions filed after the assembly of the record is hereby consolidated with the instant appeal, with no further necessity of assembly of the record. The middlesex Superior Court is to send two updated copies of the docket entries to this Court forthwith. *Notice/Attest.
10/11/2001 #4 Copy of revised certified docket entries received from Middlesex Superior Court.
10/26/2001 #5 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiff/Appellant Dennis DiSchino.
10/26/2001 #6 MOTION to file supplemental appendix, filed by Trustees of Boston College.
10/29/2001 #7 RE#5 The appellee is granted leave to file a supplemental appendix containing the documents identified herein. (Mason, J.) *Notice.
10/31/2001 #8 MOTION to Dismiss, filed by Boston College & Eugene Neault.
11/01/2001 #9 Motion to file new brief in place of original brief filed by Dennis DiSchino, w/attach.
11/01/2001 #10 RE#7 As the prior draft was accepted for filing the motion is allowed and the corrected brief is accepted for filing this date. *Notice.
11/01/2001 #11 SERVICE of replacement brief for Plaintiff/Appellant Dennis DiSchino.
11/02/2001 #12 RE#6: Denied without prejudice to refiling supported by copies of the pertinent trial court pleadings. (Mason, J.) *Notice.
11/05/2001 OPPOSITION to paper #6, filed by Dennis DiSchino.
11/05/2001 Renewed Motion to Dismiss, filed by Boston College and Eugene Neault.
11/06/2001 RE#10: After review of the defendants' motion to dismiss the plaintiff's appeal, and the plaintiff's opposition thereto, the motion is allowed for the reasons stated in the defendants' motion. Accordingly, the plaintiff's appeal is dismissed this date. (Mason, Cowin, & Doerfer, JJ.) *Notice/Attest/Image.
11/07/2001 Letter from Atty Albert Auburn re: adjudication of appeal.
11/08/2001 Motion to reconsider paper #10, in addition to opposition-paper #9, filed by Dennis DiSchino.
11/09/2001 RE#11 See the action this date on paper #12. *Notice.
11/09/2001 RE#12 The within is treated as a motion for both reconsideration and reinstatement and is denied. (Mason, Cowin, Doerfer, JJ.) *Notice.