Court Case Record Celia S. v. Hugo H. G052124 UID(988c)

Celia S. v. Hugo H. Court Case Record

Court Case Number: G052124

Case NumberG052124
Case TitleCelia S. v. Hugo H.
Case TypeCV
StateCalifornia, CA
CountyAll Counties
CourtAppellate Court
Court Address4th Appellate District Division 3
Field Date
Close Date9/23/2016


Jennafer M. Tryck
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
3161 Michelson Drive
Irvine, CA 92612-4412

Jamie Elizabeth Sanderson
Legal Aid Society of Orange County
2101 N. Tustin Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Holly N. Edwards
Legal Aid Society of Orange County

C. S.Appellant
D. Michael Bush
Law Office of D. Michael Bush
2575 McCabe Way,Suite 260
Irvine, CA 92614-4298

H. H.Respondent

Jennafer Dorfman WagnerPub/Depublication Requestor
Docket (Register of Actions)
Date Description Notes
06/23/2015 Notice of appeal lodged/received. Aplt: C. S.
06/23/2015 Default notice sent-appellant notified per rule 8.100(c).
06/29/2015 Application for waiver of filing fee filed. By aplt.
07/01/2015 Order waiving filing fee. Pursuant to the filing of a Request to Waive Court Fees and Costs, and with good cause appearing therefor, IT IS ORDERED that appellate court fees and costs for the above-entitled action are waived pursuant to rule 8.26.
07/07/2015 Certification of Interested Entities or Persons filed. by aplt
07/07/2015 Default letter sent; no case information statement filed.
07/13/2015 Substitution of attorneys filed for: Atty C.S. SUBS OUT as pro per. Atty Holly Edwards SUBS IN for aplt
07/13/2015 Returned document for non-conformance. ccis returned - part III incomplete - missing respondent
07/13/2015 Civil case information statement filed.
07/14/2015 To court. Misc folder with CCIS
07/24/2015 Notice to reporter to prepare transcript. CSR: K. Maxson, W. Andersen
08/25/2015 Telephone conversation with: aplt atty will be going out on maternity leave. She needs to submit documentation that atty Jamie Sanderson will be lead atty (714-571-5282)
09/02/2015 Record on appeal filed. 1-CT, 1-RT 08/26/15 - record returned per CRC, rule 8.147(b)(1)(B). Ntc mailed to parties
09/03/2015 Filed document entitled: Notice of change of lead counsel for aplt C.S.
10/06/2015 Requested - extension of time Appellant's opening brief. Requested for 12/14/2015 By 62 Day(s)
10/07/2015 Stipulation of extension of time filed: Appellant's opening brief. Due on 12/14/2015 By 62 Day(s)
11/12/2015 Motion/application to augment record filed. aplt's mtn to augment w/documents attached
11/17/2015 Association of attorneys filed for: Jamie Sanderson associates in Jennafer Dorfman Wagner and Jennafer Tryck as co-counsel for appellant.
12/01/2015 To court. aplt's mtn to augment w/documents attached
12/02/2015 Augmentation granted. (See order.) Appellant's motion to augment the record on appeal is GRANTED. The reporter's transcript attached as "Attachment A" filed November 12, 2015, is DEEMED part of the record on appeal. Orange County Superior Court, Appellate Division is directed to prepare and transmit to this court a supplemental transcript for the February 19, 2015 hearing as outlined in the attached motion. The supplemental transcript must be filed no later than January 4, 2016. The reporter's fees have been waived per "Attachment B" of the motion.
12/10/2015 Requested - extension of time Appellant's opening brief. Requested for 01/13/2016 By 30 Day(s)
12/11/2015 Granted - extension of time. Appellant's opening brief. Due on 01/14/2016 By 31 Day(s)
Description: Reversed & Remanded to trial court w/directions
Date: 08/26/2016
Status: Final Order
Publication Status: By the Court - Published
Author: Aronson, Richard M.
Participants: Moore, Eileen C. (Concur) Ikola, Raymond J. (Concur)
Case Citation: none