Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. TREVOR CHARLTON 2006-P-1184 UID(430d)


Court Case Number: 2006-P-1184

Case Number2006-P-1184
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyBrockton District, PL
CourtBrockton District, PL
Court Address
Field Date03/22/2002
Close Date09/12/2007


Robert C. Thompson, A.D.A. Inactive Audrey Anderson, A.D.A.CommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellee
J. Martin Richey, Esquire Withdrawn Catherine Byrne, Esquire Elizabeth L. Prevett, EsquireTrevor CharltonDefendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
08/03/2006 #1 Transcripts received: NONE
08/03/2006 #2 Entered.
08/03/2006 #3 Notice of entry sent.
09/12/2006 #4 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Trevor Charlton.
09/13/2006 #5 RE#2: Denied without prejudice to refiling supported by a detailed explanation of good cause which supports the entire lengthy extension requested. Notice
09/18/2006 #6 RENEWED MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Trevor Charlton.
09/19/2006 #7 RE#3: Allowed to 10/27/06. If Catherine K. Byrne, Esq. is now counsel for the appellant, she is to file an appearance and M. Martin Richey, Esq. should file a disappearance. *Notice/Catherine K. Byrne, Esq.
09/28/2006 #8 Notice of appearance of Catherine Byrne, Esquire for Trevor Charlton.
09/28/2006 #9 Notice of withdrawal as counsel for Trevor Charlton, filed by J. Martin Richey.
10/27/2006 #10 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Defendant/Appellant Trevor Charlton. (B=7, Appdx.=7-1vol.)
11/24/2006 #11 MOTION to extend brief due date of Commonwealth.
11/24/2006 #12 RE#7: It is noted that 05-P-312 is closed and rescripted to the trial court. However, the motion is allowed to 01/29/07. No further enlargement. *Notice.
11/24/2006 #13 Notice of appearance of Audrey Anderson Kachour for Commonwealth.
12/27/2006 #14 MOTION to amend record appendix by adding document filed by Trevor Charlton.
12/27/2006 RE#9 The motion is allowed and the appellant is to file two further copies of the transcript on or before 01/05/07. Notice
01/30/2007 SERVICE of brief for Plaintiff/Appellee Commonwealth.
02/15/2007 SERVICE of reply brief for Defendant/Appellant Trevor Charlton.
03/23/2007 Notice of 04/12/2007, 10:00 A.M. argument at John Adams Courthouse sent.
04/12/2007 Oral argument held. (KN BY GM).
05/30/2007 Decision: Rule 1:28 (KN BY GM). Order denying motion for new trial affirmed. *Notice.
06/12/2007 Motion to stay issuance of rescript filed by Trevor Charlton.
06/13/2007 RE#14 The motion is allowed and the issuance of the rescript is stayed to July 18, 2007. (Kantrowitz, Berry, Graham, JJ.) *Notice.