Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. STEPHEN DIETRICH 2006-P-1625 UID(962b)


Court Case Number: 2006-P-1625

Case Number2006-P-1625
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtEssex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date01/23/2002
Close Date05/23/2008


Elin H. Graydon, A.D.A. David F. O'Sullivan, A.D.A.CommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellee
Derege B. Demissie, EsquireStephen DietrichDefendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
10/25/2006 #1 Transcripts received: vols: 9; sets: 2 in Clerk's envelope.
06/04/2007 #2 Add'l transcripts received: vols: 1; sets: 2 in Clerk's envelope. (Motion to Suppress, dated 3/7/03 before Staffier, J.)
10/25/2006 #3 Entered.
10/25/2006 #4 Notice of entry sent.
12/14/2006 #5 MOTION for stay of briefing pending assembly and filing of missing transcripts, filed by Stephen Dietrich.
12/14/2006 #6 RE#2: Appellate proceedings are stayed to 1/16/07. Counsel is to file a status report regarding the production of the two missing transcripts on or before that date. *Notice.
01/17/2007 #7 Letter from Derege Demissie, Esq. re: missing portion of the motion to suppress hearing.
01/17/2007 #8 RE#3: Appellate proceedings are further stayed to 02/20/07. Counsel is to file a status report indicating that the transcript has been produced or an expected date of completion on or before that date. All further filings are to comply with M.R.A.P. 13(d). *Notice.
02/06/2007 #9 Letter from Stephen Dietrich requesting updated copy of docket sheet.
02/06/2007 #10 RE#4 Updated copy of docket sheet sent to Stephen Dietrich.
02/20/2007 #11 Status report filed by Stephen Dietrich.
02/21/2007 #12 RE#5 Further stay of appellate proceedings is denied without prejudice to refiling in compliance with MRAP 13(d). *Notice.
03/05/2007 #13 Status Report filed by Stephen Dietrich.
03/06/2007 #14 RE#6: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 03/26/07. Status report due that date to state the expected completion date of the transcripts pursuant to the court's action of 1/17/07. Notice
04/10/2007 #15 Letter from Stephen Dietrich re: request for an updated docket entry sheet.
04/10/2007 #16 Copy of docket sent to Stephen Dietrich.
05/10/2007 #17 Status report filed by Stephen Dietrich.
05/10/2007 #18 RE#8: Proceedings further STAYED to 6/7/07. Timely status report to be filed on or before that date, in pleading form, supported by affidavit of counsel detailing steps taken to secure completion of transcript. Continued delay may result in vacating the appeal as premature. Failure to file timely status report may result in first step of administrative process to dimsiss. Notice
05/23/2007 #19 Motion to compel production of transcript filed by Stephen Dietrich.
05/30/2007 RE#9: Upon information received from the administractive office of the Superior Court, the transcripts have been prepared and are on file with the Essex Superior Court. Status report due 6/8/07. *Notice.
06/12/2007 Notice preceding dismissal: Rule 17A.
06/15/2007 MOTION to reinstate appeal and issue briefing schedule, filed by Stephen Dietrich.