Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. SHAWN HUNT & another 2012-P-0544 UID(9256)

COMMONWEALTH vs. SHAWN HUNT & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2012-P-0544

Case Number2012-P-0544
Case TitleCOMMONWEALTH vs. SHAWN HUNT & another
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtBristol Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date01/23/2009
Close Date03/03/2014


David B. Mark, A.D.A. Tara L. Blackman, A.D.A. William McCauley, EsquireCommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellant
Robert S. Sinsheimer, Esquire Lauren M. Thomas, EsquireShawn HuntDefendant/Appellee
Joseph F. Krowski, EsquireJonathan Michael PittmanDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
03/29/2012 #1 Transcripts received: volumes: 6, on 2 CD's ^ in Clerk's envelope.
03/29/2012 #2 Entered.
03/29/2012 #3 Notice of entry sent.
04/11/2012 #4 Letter from Jonathan Michael Pittman re: copy of docket sheet and of any scheduled events
04/11/2012 #5 Motion to correct the record, filed by Commonwealth.
04/11/2012 #6 MOTION to impound, filed by Commonwealth.
04/13/2012 #7 Copy of docket sent to Jonathan Michael Pittman.
04/12/2012 #8 RE#4: Allowed. See action of this date on P#5. *Notice.
04/12/2012 #9 RE#5: No action necessary as the Grand Jury minutes, already impounded remain impounded at the Appeals Court. The 17 volumes of transcripts of Grand Jury minutes are accepted for filing this date. *Notice.
04/19/2012 #10 Motion for relief from impoundment, filed by Jonathan Michael Pittman.
04/23/2012 #11 Copy of DAR application of Shawn Hunt.
04/23/2012 #12 RE#6: The impoundment of the appeal is vacated as having been entered in error. *Notice.
04/25/2012 #13 Motion to reconsider paper #6, filed by Commonwealth.
04/25/2012 #14 MOTION to impound entire appeal, filed by Commonwealth.
04/30/2012 #15 OPPOSITION to Commonwealth's motion to reconsider an order allowing the defendants' motion for relief from impoundment, filed by Jonathan Michael Pittman.
05/01/2012 #16 Docketing Statement received from Commonwealth.^
05/04/2012 #17 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Commonwealth.
05/04/2012 #18 Motion to expand the record, filed by Commonwealth.
05/07/2012 #19 RE#7: See action of 5/7/12 on paper no. 8. *Notice.
05/07/2012 #20 RE#8: The parties shall comply with the provisions of MRAP 18(g) in connection with the submission of the grand jury minutes, and any other material that is impounded by rule, statue, or trial court order in this matter. *Notice.
05/07/2012 #20.1 RE#11: Extension to 07/10/2012 granted for filing of brief of Commonwealth, Plaintiff/Appellant. Notice to counsel.
05/08/2012 #21 RE#12: The transcript is accepted for filing, subject to possible further action by the panel designated to decide the appeal. *Notice.