Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. PEDRO CLAUDIO, JR. 2011-P-0909 UID(e9e6)


Court Case Number: 2011-P-0909

Case Number2011-P-0909
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtEssex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date07/03/1991
Close Date09/12/2013


Elin H. Graydon, A.D.A.CommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellee
Dorothy A. Mele, CPCS assignment supervisor David Keighley, Esquire InactivePedro Claudio, Jr.Pro Se Defendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
05/31/2012 #1 Transcripts received: volumes: 1; sets: 2 in Clerk's envelope.
05/25/2011 #2 Transcripts received: NONE
05/25/2011 #3 Entered.
05/25/2011 #4 Notice of entry sent.
07/12/2011 #5 Letter from Clerk's Office to Pedro Claudio, Jr. re: brief has not been accepted for filing due to the following: Wrong color Cover: should be blue; Rule 20(a). Insufficient number of copies: 7 are required; Rule 19(b)(1). Does not contain a statement of the facts with appropriate references to the record appendix; Rules 16(a) (3) & 16(e) 14. Brief is missing addendum containing copies of any written or oral findings or memorandum of decision pertinent to appeal; Rule l6(a)(6). Corrections to be made on or before 7/29/11.
07/28/2011 #6 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Defendant/Appellant Pedro Claudio, Jr..
07/28/2011 #7 MOTION for appointment of counsel, filed by Pedro Claudio, Jr.
08/08/2011 #8 RE#4: The motion is denied without prejudice to renewal, on or before 8/22/11, accompanied by an affidavit of indigency and a printout of the appellant's institutional savings and canteen statement showing transactions covering the last six months. *Notice.
08/18/2011 #9 Motion to be declared indigent pursuant to M.G.L. c. 211D, filed by Pedro Claudio, Jr.
08/18/2011 #10 Motion to reconsider paper #4, filed by Pedro Claudio, Jr.
08/23/2011 #11 RE#6: As there is no right to appointment of counsel in an appeal of this nature, the motion is allowed for screening purposes only. See Comm. v. Conceicao, 388 Mass. 255 (1983). Appellate proceedings are stayed to 9/30/11 pending the appointment of counsel, and a status report shall be due on or before that date regarding the same. *Notice/CPCS.
08/29/2011 #12 Letter of CPCS re: assignment of David Keighley, Esquire as defendant's counsel screening only.
10/03/2011 #13 Notice of limited appearance of David Keighley for Pedro Claudio, Jr.
10/03/2011 #14 MOTION to continue stay, filed by Pedro Claudio, Jr.
10/05/2011 #15 RE#9: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 12/05/2011. Status report due 12/05/2011. *Notice.
12/06/2011 #16 Status Report, filed by Pedro Claudio, Jr..
12/06/2011 #17 RE#10: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 01/05/2012. Status report due 01/05/2012. *Notice.
12/14/2011 #18 Letter from Donald S. Bronstein, Esquire re: CPCS decided not to assign counsel in this matter.
12/16/2011 #19 RE#11: The stay of appellate proceedings is hereby vacated. Appellant is deemed to be proceeding pro se. The commonwealth shall file its brief on or before 01/18/12. *Notice.
01/03/2012 #20 Motion to add exhibits to addendum and record of appeal in support of defendant's pending appeal, filed by Pedro Claudio, Jr.
01/05/2012 #21 RE#12: Allowed by the Court. *Notice.
02/10/2012 #22 MOTION to extend brief due date of Commonwealth.