Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. OWEN MCCANTS 2010-P-1946 UID(a477)


Court Case Number: 2010-P-1946

Case Number2010-P-1946
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtSuffolk Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date09/28/2000
Close Date09/12/2013


John P. Zanini, Esquire Inactive Anna E. Kalluri, A.D.A. Withdrawn Donna Jalbert Patalano, A.D.A.CommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellee
Owen McCantsPro Se Defendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
11/03/2010 #1 Transcripts received: NONE
11/03/2010 #2 Entered.
11/03/2010 #3 Notice of entry sent.
11/15/2010 #4 Motion to stay filing of appeal filed by Owen McCants.
11/17/2010 #5 RE#2: Appellate proceedings are stayed to 12/17/2010, and the appellant is given leave to file, and the trial court to consider, the motion for reconsideration. A status report shall be filed on or before that date concerning the same. *Notice/attest.
01/21/2011 #6 MOTION for further stay, filed by Owen McCants.
01/26/2011 #7 RE#3: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 02/25/2011. Status report due 02/25/2011. *Notice.
01/25/2011 #8 MOTION to further stay appellate proceedings, filed by Owen McCants.
01/31/2011 #9 RE#4: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 03/02/2011. Status report due 03/02/2011. *Notice.
02/03/2011 #10 Copy of motion for findings and reasons filed by Owen McCants.
02/03/2011 #11 Copy of notice of appeal of denial of motion to reconsider court's adverse order and to Dismiss indictments (superior court docket #132) filed by Owen McCants.
02/28/2011 #12 MOTION to stay current appellate process in order to allow the superior court to issue its findings and rulings on defendant's Mass. R. Crim. P. Rule 30 (b) new trial motion, filed by Owen McCants.
02/28/2011 #13 RE#7: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 04/08/11. Status report due then. *Notice.
03/09/2011 #14 Letter from Owen McCants re: Copy of notice of appeal and motion for findings of fact and rulings of law filed in the superior court.
03/11/2011 #15 RE#8: Treating the within as appellant's status report. Appellate proceedings are further stayed to 04/11/11 and a status report shall be filed on or before that date giving an indication of whether the trial court has addressed any relief sought by appellant pursuant to M.R.Crim.P 30(b). Notice/attest
03/21/2011 #16 Memo: Notice RE#8 sent to Owen McCants returned as "insufficient address - unable to forward." Notice resent to inmate ID added.
04/11/2011 #17 MOTION to further stay current appellate process until after superior court issue its findings of fact and rulings of law on defendant's pending(since July 26, 2006) Mass. R. Crim. P., Rule 30(b) motion for new trial, filed by Owen McCants.
04/14/2011 #18 RE#9: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 05/11/2011. Status report due 05/11/2011. *Notice.
04/25/2011 #19 Copy of materials filed in the lower court received from Owen McCants.
05/09/2011 #20 Letter from Owen McCants re: enclosing copy of motion to expand record filed in trial court.
05/09/2011 #21 RE#11: The within is treated as a status report and request for further stay. Appellate proceedings STAYED to 06/09/2011. Status report to be filed in pleading form regarding trial court proceedings, supported by certificate of service, on or before that date. A copy of the docket is sent this date. *Notice.
05/11/2011 #22 Verified MOTION for continuation of further stay of current appellate process, filed by Owen McCants.