Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. NATHANIEL FUJITA 2013-J-0168 UID(a23f)


Court Case Number: 2013-J-0168

Case Number2013-J-0168
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date04/24/2013
Close Date04/26/2013


Michael Albert Kaneb, Assistant District Attorney Randall E. Ravitz, Assistant Attorney GeneralCommonwealthPlaintiff/Respondent
William F. Sullivan, EsquireNathaniel FujitaDefendant/Respondent
Jonathan M. Albano, Esquire David McCraw, Pro Hac Vice AttorneyGlobe Newspaper Company IncOther/petitioner
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
04/24/2013 #1 Petition pursuant to M.G.L. c. 231, § 118 with attachments, filed by Globe Newspaper Company Inc.
04/25/2013 #2 RE#1: General laws c. 231, § 118 furnishes a vehicle for review of interlocutory orders in civil cases only. McMenimen v. Passatempo, 452 Mass. 178, 191 (2008). The order subject to the instant petition issued following the entry of final judgment in a criminal case. Accordingly, the relief is not properly pursued under G.L. c. 231, § 118 (1st para.). The petition is denied. (Green, J. ). *Notice/Attest/Lauriat, J.
04/25/2013 #3 Request to reconsider paper #1, filed by Globe Newspaper Company, Inc.
04/26/2013 ORDER: On reconsideration, assuming that the order that is the subject of the instant petition operates to deny the petitioner's request for modification of an impoundment order previously entered,(1) or that it is properly construed as an order of impoundment, the matter is reported for consideration by a panel of the Appeals Court. See Commonwealth v. Silva, 448 Mass. 701 (2007). The matter is reported for decision without the need for further assembly and entered on the docket this date as 13-P-701. The appeal shall proceed in the normal course pursuant to the Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure, with further briefing by the parties. The petitioner, Globe Newspaper Company, Inc., shall be treated as the appellant. Notice to the Attorney General as required by Commonwealth v. Silva is hereby given. (Green, J.) *Notice/Attest. Footnote: (1) The record does not include a copy of such an order.
04/26/2013 Memo: Case file of 13-J-168 filed with 13-P-701.
05/01/2013 Memo: Notice of docket entry RE#1 sent to David McCraw, Esq. returned as "attempted-not known, unable to forward." Resent to The New York Times Company, 229 West 43rd Street New York, NY 10036.
05/09/2013 Memo: Notice of order sent to David McCraw (O) returned as "not deliverable as addressed - unable to forward."
05/13/2013 Memo: Notice of Docket entry RE#1 to David McCraw, Esq. returned as Not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward.