Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. KATIE-LYNNE POWERS & others 2010-J-0177 UID(a136)

COMMONWEALTH vs. KATIE-LYNNE POWERS & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2010-J-0177

Case Number2010-J-0177
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyPittsfield District, BE
CourtPittsfield District, BE
Court Address
Field Date04/08/2010
Close Date04/21/2010


Joseph A. Pieropan, Assistant District AttorneyCommonwealthPlaintiff/Petitioner
Leonard H. Cohen, EsquireKatie-Lynne PowersDefendant/Respondent
Timothy M. Farris, EsquireTracey L. KingDefendant/Respondent
Colin Keefe, EsquireMichael J. KingDefendant/Respondent
Timothy J. Shugrue, EsquireShane WhalenDefendant/Respondent
William A. Rota, EsquireRichard B. Carnevale JrDefendant/Respondent
Marc C. Vincelette, EsquireDavid B. LaPlanteDefendant/Respondent
John S. Ferrara, EsquireMichael CargillDefendant/Respondent
David Pixley, EsquireFrank J. LeClaire SrDefendant/Respondent
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
04/08/2010 #1 Petition requesting relief pursuant to the Uniform Rules on Impoundment Procedure filed by Commonwealth.
04/08/2010 #2 MOTION for stay under MRAP 6(A) w/attach, filed by Commonwealth.
04/08/2010 #3 ORDER: "The order of the trial court, dated April 2, stayed and impoundment orders...remain in effect until further order of a single justice of this court. This matter is scheduled for a hearing at 11:00 A.M. on April 16, 2010 in Courtroom #3 of the John Adams Courthouse before Milkey, J." (Milkey, J.) Notice/attest/Rutberg, J./image
04/08/2010 #4 Letter Notice of 04/16/2010 hearing at 11:00 AM before Milkey, J. in Adams Courthouse, Ct Rm 3.
04/09/2010 #5 Motion to excuse presence of counsel filed by Tracey L. King.
04/09/2010 #6 RE#5 Allowed. (Milkey, J.) *Notice
04/12/2010 #7 Opposition to #1 filed by Michael Cargill.
04/14/2010 #8 Opposition to #1 filed by Shane Whalen.
04/14/2010 #9 Motion to join in arguments made by co-defendant Michael Cargill filed by Richard B. Carnevale Jr.
04/14/2010 #10 Opposition to #1 filed by Richard B. Carnevale Jr.
04/14/2010 #11 Letter from Joseph A. Pieropan, ADA, who will appear for the Commonwealth at hearing scheduled for Friday, April 16, 2010 at 11:00 a.m.
04/15/2010 #12 RE#8 Allowed. *Notice.
04/15/2010 #13 Motion in Opposition of the Continuance of the Impoundment of All Affidavits in Relation to Defendant's Case filed by David B.
04/15/2010 #14 Motion to join in argument made by co-defendnat Michael Cargill filed by Katie-Lynne Powers.
04/15/2010 #15 Opposition to #1 filed by Katie-Lynne Powers.
04/16/2010 #16 Hearing held.
04/16/2010 #17 Appearance of Leonard H. Cohen, Esquire for Katie-Lynne Powers.
04/16/2010 #18 Appearance of Joseph A. Pieropan, Assistant District Attorney for Commonwealth.
04/16/2010 #19 Appearance of Colin Keefe, Esquire for Michael J. King.
04/16/2010 #20 Appearance of Marc C. Vincelette, Esquire for David B. LaPlante.
04/16/2010 Appearance of John S. Ferrara, Esquire for Michael Cargill.
04/21/2010 Joint proposed order, filed by parties. (by fax)