Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. JOHN E. DUTCHER 2014-P-0261 UID(2280)


Court Case Number: 2014-P-0261

Case Number2014-P-0261
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtPlymouth Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date05/27/1987
Close Date03/03/2016


Robert C. Thompson, A.D.A.CommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellee
John E. DutcherPro Se Defendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
02/27/2014 #1 Entered as partially impounded per G.L.c 265, ยง24C.
02/27/2014 #2 Notice of entry sent.
03/04/2014 #3 Letter from David D. Nielson re: Not attorney for defendant.
03/10/2014 #4 RE#3: The within is treated as a motion to withdraw and is allowed. John E. Dutcher is deemed to be proceeding pro se. *Notice.
03/13/2014 #5 MOTION to stay, filed by John E. Dutcher.
03/17/2014 #6 RE#4: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 04/16/2014. Status report due 04/16/2014 regarding the motion pending in the trial court regarding DNA testing. *Notice.
04/16/2014 #7 Letter from Ira Grant re: Chapter 278A pleadings.
04/18/2014 #8 RE#5: To the extent appellant seeks treatment of former counsel's letter as a status report, it is not accepted for filing. Appellant is proceeding pro se on appeal and it is his obligation to file the status reports in this matter. Accordingly, as his status report was due on 4/16/14, it is now overdue and his appeal is at risk of dismissal. *Notice.
04/30/2014 #9 Letter from John E. Dutcher re: Motion for stay, and what to do to prevent the court from dismissing the case.
05/02/2014 #10 RE#6: Appellate proceedings stayed to 6/2/14, by when CPCS Attorney Ira Gant, who has filed a notice of appearance in the trial court for the defendant and has filed motions there while the appeal is pending, is to file a status report as to his representation in this appeal. It is noted that the Appeals Court does not allow counsel to appear in a limited capacity. *Notice.
05/21/2014 #11 Status Report, filed by John E. Dutcher.
05/22/2014 #12 RE#7: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 07/01/2014. Status report due then from CPCS as to whether counsel is to be appointed. Notice
07/17/2014 #13 Letter from John E. Dutcher re: Notification from CPCS of decision to not appoint counsel
07/25/2014 #14 RE#8: The defendant is deemed to be proceeding pro se. Appellate proceedings are stayed to 9/23/14 by when a status report is due. In his status report, the defendant shall fully describe the pending matters before the trial court in this case and their relation to this appeal. *Notice.
09/24/2014 #15 Letter from John E. Dutcher re: status report
09/29/2014 #16 RE#9: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 11/03/2014. Status report due then as to c. 278A motion. *Notice.
11/05/2014 #17 Status Report, filed by John E. Dutcher.
11/06/2014 #18 RE#10: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 12/08/2014. Status report due then concerning c.278A motion. *Notice.
12/09/2014 #19 Status Report, filed by John E. Dutcher.
12/12/2014 #20 RE#11: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 02/09/2015. Status report due 02/09/2015 concerning the motion pending in the trial court. *Notice.
02/11/2015 #21 Letter from John E. Dutcher re: Status report
02/12/2015 #22 RE#12: The status report is not accepted for filing as it did not contain a certificate of service showing service on the Commonwealth. The appeal is at risk of dismissal for failure to properly file timely status report. *Notice.