Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. JANARDHAN PYDA 2014-P-0336 UID(c640)


Court Case Number: 2014-P-0336

Case Number2014-P-0336
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyWestborough District, WO
CourtWestborough District, WO
Court Address
Field Date10/30/2012
Close Date08/03/2015


Jane A. Sullivan, A.D.A. Michelle R. King, A.D.A.CommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellee
Kevin J. Mahoney, EsquireJanardhan PydaDefendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
03/12/2014 #1 Transcripts received: volumes: 3; sets: 1; 11/25/2013 = Motion Hearing, 9/24/2013 & 9/25/2013 = Trial (paper only)
03/12/2014 #2 Entered.
03/12/2014 #3 Notice of entry sent.
04/17/2014 #4 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Janardhan Pyda.
04/18/2014 #5 RE#3: Denied without prejudice to renewal accompanied by the filing of the required Docketing Statement, due on or before 04/25/2014. *Notice.
04/22/2014 #6 AMENDED MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Janardhan Pyda
04/23/2014 #7 RE#4: Allowed to 06/22/2014. Counsel is to electronically file the required docketing statement forthwith. Notice sent.
06/09/2014 #8 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellant Janardhan Pyda.
06/30/2014 #9 Notice of appearance of Michelle R. King for Commonwealth.
06/30/2014 #10 MOTION to extend brief due date of Commonwealth.
07/07/2014 #11 RE#7: Allowed to 10/03/2014. Notice sent.
10/06/2014 #12 MOTION to extend brief due date of Commonwealth.
10/09/2014 #13 RE#8: Allowed to 12/12/2014. No further enlargement. (Fecteau, J.). Notice sent.
12/23/2014 #14 MOTION to accept late filing of brief filed by Commonwealth.
12/31/2014 #15 RE#9: Allowed and accepted for filing (Sullivan, J.). Notice.
12/31/2014 #16 SERVICE of brief for Plaintiff/Appellee Commonwealth.
01/07/2015 #17 MOTION to extend reply brief due date, filed by Janardhan Pyda.
01/08/2015 RE#11: See court's 1/8/15 notice of brief rejection. *Notice.
01/08/2015 Notice that Janardhan Pyda's reply brief is non-conforming for the reasons indicated on the checklist: 1 (should be gray). The party has until 01/15/2015 to file, and re-serve upon all parties, a conforming brief and appendix or a motion to accept nonconforming brief and appendix.
01/22/2015 Notice from the Appeals Court to Kevin J. Mahoney re: This notice is to inform you that your nonconforming reply brief and/or appendix received by this Court on 01/08/2015, but which was not accepted for filing, will be discarded on 1/26/15 unless you retrieve it prior to that date.
02/13/2015 Notice sent seeking information on unavailability for oral argument in April 2015
03/05/2015 Notice of 04/16/2015, 9:30 AM argument at John Adams Courthouse, Courtroom 4 (a4) sent.