Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. DOMINGO DOCANTO 2014-P-1449 UID(b021)


Court Case Number: 2014-P-1449

Case Number2014-P-1449
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date04/19/2007
Close Date01/29/2016


James W. Sahakian, A.D.A. Jamie Michael Charles, A.D.A.CommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellee
Veronica White, Esquire Max Bauer, EsquireDomingo DocantoDefendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
09/18/2014 #1 ***Partially Impounded pursuant to G.L. c. 265, § 22A & G.L. c. 265, §13B***
09/18/2014 #2 Transcripts received: 8 Vols, 1 on 1 CD ^ 7/10/12-Trial. On paper 12/16/2008-Trial, 12/17/2008-Trial, 12/18/2008-Trial, 12/19/2008-Trial, 12/22/2008-Trial, 12/30/2008-Sentencing, 12/31/2008-Sentencing in Clerk's envelope.
09/18/2014 #3 Entered.
09/18/2014 #4 Notice of entry sent.
10/24/2014 #5 Docketing Statement received from Domingo Docanto. ^
10/23/2014 #6 Motion for extension of time to file appeal, filed by Domingo Docanto.
10/28/2014 #7 RE#4: Allowed to 11/28/2014. Notice sent.
11/26/2014 #8 Notice to Domingo Docanto that brief is non-conforming for the reasons indicated on the checklist: 25, 27, 28. The party has until 12/08/2014 to file, and re-serve upon all parties, a conforming brief and appendix or a motion to accept nonconforming brief and appendix.
12/03/2014 #9 Motion to accept non-conforming appendix, filed by Domingo Docanto.
12/18/2014 #10 RE#6: Denied.The defendant shall comply with the applicable rules of appellate procedure and MGL c. 265, s. 24C. On or before 1/2/14, the defendant may either file new redacted briefs and appendices or may retrieve the briefs and appendices at the clerk's office, redact the same, and refile them. All redactions, if done by overwriting, shall be opaque and accomplished in a manner that precludes discerning the redacted information. (Sullivan, J.). *Notice.
12/31/2014 #11 MOTION to accept insufficient number of copies, filed by Domingo Docanto.
01/02/2015 #12 RE#7: Allowed and accepted for filing this date. *Notice.
01/02/2015 #13 SERVICE of brief & appendix, Appendix Vol I., 5 sets, Vol 1A, 5 sets (IMPOUNDED), Vol II, 5 sets for Defendant/Appellant Domingo Docanto.
01/12/2015 #14 Notice of appearance of Jamie Michael Charles for Commonwealth.
01/20/2015 #15 MOTION to extend brief due date of Commonwealth.
01/21/2015 #16 RE#10: Allowed to 05/12/2015. Notice sent.
02/13/2015 #17 SERVICE of brief & supplemental appendix (1 vol) for Plaintiff/Appellee Commonwealth.
04/09/2015 #18 Notice sent seeking information on unavailability for oral argument in June 2015
04/13/2015 #19 Letter of Jamie Michael Charles, A.D.A. unavailable for oral argument 6/8-6/18.
04/13/2015 #20 Letter of Veronica White, Esquire unavailable for oral argument 6/5, 6/9, 6/12.
07/08/2015 Notice sent seeking information on unavailability for oral argument in September 2015
07/15/2015 Letter of Jamie Michael Charles, A.D.A. unavailable for oral argument 9/2-9/17.