Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. COREY SANCHEZ 2012-P-0203 UID(6dc5)


Court Case Number: 2012-P-0203

Case Number2012-P-0203
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyJuvenile Ct, Bristol Cty - Fall River
CourtJuvenile Ct, Bristol Cty - Fall River
Court Address
Field Date05/27/2010
Close Date12/20/2012


David B. Mark, A.D.A. Yul-mi Cho, A.D.A.CommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellee
Emily A. Cardy, EsquireCorey SanchezDefendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
02/07/2012 #1 Transcripts received: volumes: 5; sets: 1 set paper and 1 set on CD ^ in Clerk's envelope.
02/07/2012 #2 Entered.
02/07/2012 #3 Notice of entry sent.
02/14/2012 #4 Docketing Statement received from Corey Sanchez.^
03/13/2012 #5 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Corey Sanchez.
03/13/2012 #6 RE#4: Extension to 04/04/2012 granted for filing of brief of Corey Sanchez, Defendant/Appellant. Notice to counsel.
03/29/2012 #7 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Defendant/Appellant Corey Sanchez.
04/27/2012 #8 MOTION to extend brief due date of Commonwealth.
04/30/2012 #9 RE#6: Allowed to 08/28/2012. No further enlargement. *Notice to counsel.
08/16/2012 #10 Motion to expand the record, filed by Commonwealth.
08/16/2012 #11 Notice of appearance of Yul-mi Cho for Commonwealth.
08/20/2012 #12 RE#7: Referred to the panel designated to decide this appeal. *Notice.^
08/20/2012 #13 SERVICE of brief & supplemental appendix for Plaintiff/Appellee Commonwealth.
10/12/2012 Notice sent seeking information on unavailability for oral argument in December 2012
10/12/2012 Letter of Emily A. Cardy, Esquire unavailable for oral argument 12/10-12/17,12/24-12/28.
10/26/2012 Notice of 12/06/2012, 9:30 AM argument at John Adams Courthouse, Courtroom 4 (a4) sent.
11/20/2012 MOTION for leave to file late appellant's reply brief, filed by Corey Sanchez.
11/27/2012 RE#12: The motion is allowed for the reasons set forth in paragraphs five through eight of counsel's supporting affidavit and irrespective of those set forth in paragraphs three and four thereof. *Notice.
12/06/2012 Oral argument held. (Grasso, J., Meade, J., Rubin, J.).
12/20/2012 RE#7 (Revised Action) Allowed (Grasso, Meade & Rubin, JJ.). *Notice.
12/20/2012 MEMORANDUM AND ORDER: The sole issue before us in this appeal from an order revoking probation is the reliability and sufficiency of some of the evidence establishing the violation. As discussed in the Commonwealth's motion to expand the appellate record, after the probationer's appeal was docketed with this court, he pleaded guilty to the underlying offense forming the basis of the violation. We dismiss the appeal because the probationer's subsequent guilty plea renders moot an appeal that "goes to the fact-finding step of the probation violation proceeding." Commonwealth v. Milot, 462 Mass. 197, 202 (2012). Appeal dismissed (Grasso, Meade & Rubin, JJ.). Notice/attest/Moniz, J.