Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. CHRISTOPHER DIRUSSO 2001-P-1852 UID(c014)


Court Case Number: 2001-P-1852

Case Number2001-P-1852
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyLynn District, ES
CourtLynn District, ES
Court Address
Field Date12/15/1999
Close Date01/27/2004


Elin H. Graydon, A.D.A. Gregory I. Massing, A.D.A.CommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellee
John Neil Fraser, Esquire Withdrawn Dorothy A. Mele, CPCS assignment supervisor Inactive Bonny M. Gilbert, EsquireChristopher DiRussoDefendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
12/28/2001 #1 Transcripts received: vols: 3v; sets: 2s in Clerk's envelope.
12/28/2001 #2 Entered.
01/31/2002 #3 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Christopher DiRusso.
01/31/2002 #4 RE#2: Extension to 05/07/2002 granted for filing of brief of Christopher DiRusso, Defendant/Appellant. No further enlargement. *Notice.
05/08/2002 #5 MOTION to withdraw as counsel for Christopher DiRusso, filed by John Neil Fraser, w/attach.
05/09/2002 #6 RE#3: Allowed. C.P.C.S. to appoint new counsel forthwith. Appellate proceedings stayed to 06/10/02. Any new counsel appointed should not expect a lengthly enlargement of time to file the brief. (Kantrowitz, J.) *Notice.
05/20/2002 #7 Letter of C.P.C.S. re assignment of Bonny Gilbert as counsel for Christopher DiRusso.
06/10/2002 #8 Notice of appearance of Bonny M. Gilbert for Christopher DiRusso.
06/10/2002 #9 Status Report filed by Christopher DiRusso.
06/10/2002 #10 MOTION to extend stay, filed by Christopher DiRusso.
06/10/2002 #11 RE#6 See action of 06/10/02 on paper no. 7. *Notice.
06/10/2002 #12 RE#7: Case STAYED to 06/25/2002. Status report due by then. Notice sent.
06/28/2002 #13 Status Report filed by Christopher DiRusso.
06/28/2002 #14 Motion to allow filing of status report two days late filed by Christopher DiRusso.
07/01/2002 #15 RE#8 Stay is vacated. Appellant's brief to be filed on or before 8/12/02. No further enlargement. *Notice.
07/01/2002 #16 RE#9 Allowed. Notice.
07/11/2002 #17 Motion to reconsider 8 filed by Christopher DiRusso.
07/12/2002 #18 RE#10: Given the reasons set forth in counsel's affidavit, the brief may be filed on or before 10/23/02. Notice
10/22/2002 #19 MOTION to stay, filed by Christopher DiRusso, pending resolution of motion for new trial.
10/23/2002 #20 RE#11: Although counsel states an intent to file a motion for new trial, counsel has neither requested nor received this court's permission to do so. See Commonwealth v. Montgomery, 53 Mass. App. Ct. 350 (2001). The motion to stay is denied without prejudice to renewal on or before 10/31/02 identifying with specificity the grounds for the proposed new trial motion that counsel intends to file in the trial court by 11/25/02. *Notice.
10/31/2002 #21 Motion to request permission to file motion for new trial filed by Christopher DiRusso.
10/31/2002 #22 RENEWED MOTION to stay, filed by Christopher DiRusso.