Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. CHARLES E. EDWARDS III 2011-P-1992 UID(85db)


Court Case Number: 2011-P-1992

Case Number2011-P-1992
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date10/27/2009
Close Date06/12/2014


James W. Sahakian, A.D.A. Inactive Robert J. Bender, A.D.A.CommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellee
Benjamin B. Selman, Esquire Inactive Nona E. Walker, Esquire Inactive Jennifer H. O'Brien, EsquireCharles E. Edwards IIIDefendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
11/21/2011 #1 Transcripts received: volumes: 13; sets: 1 (on one CD) in Clerk's envelope (4/20/10, 10/7/10, 10/13/10, 10/21/10, 10/22/10, 10/25/10, 10/26/10, 10/27/10, 10/28/10, 10/29/10, 11/1/10, 11/3/10, 11/23/10),.
07/09/2012 #2 Additional Transcripts received: volumes: 2; sets: 2 CDs ^ (6/24/10 & 10/13/10) in Clerk's envelope. See paper #10. (Note: Grand total of 14 transcripts).
02/19/2013 #2.1 Additional Transcripts received: volumes: 1; sets: 1 (on 1 CD) in Clerk's envelope(6/24/10).
11/21/2011 #3 Entered.
11/21/2011 #4 Notice of entry sent.
12/21/2011 #5 Notice of appearance of Nona E. Walker for Charles E. Edwards.
12/28/2011 #6 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Charles E. Edwards.
12/28/2011 #7 RE#3: Extension to 04/02/2012 granted for filing of brief of Charles E. Edwards, Defendant/Appellant. Notice to counsel.
01/23/2012 #8 Letter of C.P.C.S. re assignment of Jennifer H. O'Brien, Esquire as counsel for Charles E. Edwards.
03/08/2012 #9 Notice of appearance of Jennifer H. O'Brien for Charles E. Edwards, III.
03/08/2012 #10 Motion to vacate docket entry due to premature assembly of record, filed by Charles E. Edwards III.
03/09/2012 #11 RE#6: The within is treated as a motion to stay appellate proceedings pending the preparation of the transcripts, and as such, it is allowed. Appellate proceedings are stayed to 5/4/12, on or before which date a status report shall be filed regarding same. *Notice.
05/09/2012 #12 Status Report, filed by Charles E. Edwards, III.
05/09/2012 #13 RE#7: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 08/07/2012. Status report due 08/07/2012. *Notice.
05/23/2012 #14 Motion for leave to correct sentence under rule 30(a), filed by Charles E. Edwards III.
05/24/2012 #15 RE#8: Appellate proceedings stayed to 7/6/12. Status report due 7/6/12 regarding transcripts, and with an indication of an approximate time when the Rule 30(a) motion will be filed, if not already filed. *Notice.
07/09/2012 #16 Status Report, filed by Charles E. Edwards III.
07/09/2012 #17 RE#9: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 08/09/2012. Status report to be filed on or before that date to be supported by affidavit of counsel detailing administrative steps taken to secure missing transcripts, and whether the motion to correct sentence has been scheduled for hearing. *Notice.
07/09/2012 #18 Revised docket entries (certified; two copies) and additional transcripts-2 vols. (6/24/10 & 10/13/10) on 2 CDs ^, received from Middlesex Superior Court.
08/08/2012 #19 Status Report, filed by Charles E. Edwards III.
08/09/2012 #20 RE#11: Upon further review of appellant's motion for stay for purposes of proceeding in the trial court on a motion to correct sentence, such a motion does not warrant a stay of appellate proceedings as to a direct appeal. Accordingly, the stay of appellate proceedings is hereby vacated, and appellant's brief and record appendix is due on or before 9/18/12. Appellant may continue to proceed in the trial court relative to his motion to correct sentence. Should the motion be resolved while the instant appeal is still pending, and a notice of appeal filed related to trial court action on that matter, a motion to consolidate that matter with the instant appeal may be filed for the court's consideration at that time. Notice to counsel.
09/10/2012 #21 MOTION to stay, filed by Charles E. Edwards III.