Court Case Record CLAIRE R. BODENRADER vs. TOWN OF SALISBURY & another 2010-J-0016 UID(f3d5)

CLAIRE R. BODENRADER vs. TOWN OF SALISBURY & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2010-J-0016

Case Number2010-J-0016
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtLand Court
Court Address
Field Date01/13/2010
Close Date06/13/2012


Bonnie J. Bodenrader, EsquireClaire R. BodenraderPlaintiff/Petitioner
Jonathan D. Eichman, EsquireTown of SalisburyDefendant/Respondent
Sherry Yee Mulloy, EsquireKopelman and Paige, P.C.Defendant/Respondent
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
01/13/2010 #1 Prior A.C. cases involving same parties: 2009-P-2349.
01/13/2010 #2 Appeal entered pursuant to G.L. c. 231, s.6(G) with attach, filed by Claire R. Bodenrader.
01/13/2010 #3 ORDER: "....Proceedings...stayed of...09-P-2349...file is to be placed in...file for 09-P-2349...status report filed...when 09-P-2349...decided." Notice/attest/Piper, J./image
06/09/2011 #4 Status report, filed by Kopelman and Paige, P.C.
06/10/2011 #5 RE#3: As the appeal in 09-P-2349 has been decided, the instant appeal filed pursuant to G.L. c. 231, secs. 6F and G is now ripe for determination. Accordingly, the stay of appellate proceedings is vacated. Additionally, and providing that an appointment has been made, counsel for the plaintiff shall file a motion, pursuant to MRAP 30(a), seeking substitution of the personal representative of the now deceased plaintiff's estate as appellant. Service of the motion on opposing counsel to be made according to MRAP 13. *Notice.
07/22/2011 #6 Joint motion of defendants to require plaintiff's counsel to file and serve motion seeking substitution of personal representative of deceased plaintiff within sixty (60) days, or if no personal representative appointed within that time, to file and serve status report concerning status of proceedings to appoint personal representative in Probate Court, filed by Sherry Y. Mulloy, Esq.
07/27/2011 RE#4: Plaintiff's counsel to file and serve a motion for substitution or status report on or before 8/19/11. *Notice.
08/25/2011 Letter from Attorney Bonnie J. Bodenrader re: response to paper #4.
06/13/2012 REVISED ACTION RE#4: Denied without prejudice to renewal in the trial court. (Cypher, J.) *Notice/Attest.
06/13/2012 ORDER: The plaintiff appeals from an order of the Trial Court dated September 25, 2009, awarding costs and attorney's fees pursuant to G. L. c. 231, ยง 6G (No. 08SBQ0320011-0; Piper, J.). Upon review of the record before me, the award is affirmed. (Cypher, J.) *Notice/Attest.