Court Case Record Bennett, Eric Wayne v. The State of Texas 05-02-01025-CR UID(7942)

Bennett, Eric Wayne v. The State of Texas Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 05-02-01025-CR

Case Number05-02-01025-CR
Case TitleBennett, Eric Wayne v. The State of Texas
Case TypeAggravated Robbery
StateTexas, TX
Court194th Judicial District Court
Court AddressHonorable F. H. Entz
Field Date06/26/2002
Close Date


John H. HaglerEric Wayne BennettCriminal - Appellant
Darline LabarDarlin LabarCourt Reporter - Trial Court
Kimberly A. Schaefer
William T. (Bill) Hill, Jr.
The State Of TexasCriminal - State of Texas
Case Events
Date Event Type Disposition Document
08/04/2004 Mandate Issued
08/04/2004 Mandate Issued
04/01/2004 Case Returned from Higher Ct.
02/18/2004 Petition for discretionary review disposed by Court of Criminal Appeals Refused
10/02/2003 File Received by Court of Criminal Appeals
09/30/2003 Record Shipped
09/17/2003 Petition for Discretionary Review Filed
09/15/2003 Petition for discretionary review due
07/14/2003 Ext to file Petition for Discretionary Review Disp Motion or Writ Granted
06/17/2003 Opinion issued Affirmed
06/17/2003 Record Retention Retain
06/17/2003 Opinion issued Affirmed
05/27/2003 Submitted
05/27/2003 Submission
05/27/2003 Submitted
04/24/2003 Letter Filed
04/01/2003 Submission
03/31/2003 Letter Filed
03/26/2003 Brief Due
03/25/2003 Brief Filed
03/25/2003 Case ready to be set
03/25/2003 Case ready to be set
Set Date Calendar Type Reason Set
08/04/2004 Case Stored Case stored