Court Case Record BARBARA JOHNSON & another vs. KINDRED HEALTHCARE, INC. & others 2012-J-0159 UID(ef36)

BARBARA JOHNSON & another vs. KINDRED HEALTHCARE, INC. & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2012-J-0159

Case Number2012-J-0159
Case TitleBARBARA JOHNSON & another vs. KINDRED HEALTHCARE, INC. & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtPlymouth Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date04/25/2012
Close Date06/20/2012


Nicole Paquin, EsquireBarbara JohnsonPlaintiff/Petitioner
Nicole Paquin, EsquireStephanie Johnso LesliePlaintiff/Petitioner
Christopher Lavoie, EsquireKindred Healthcare, Inc.Defendant/Respondent
Christopher Lavoie, EsquireKindred Nursing Centers East, LLDefendant/Respondent
Christopher Lavoie, EsquireKindred Healthcare Operating, InDefendant/Respondent
Christopher Lavoie, EsquireBraintree Nursing, LLCDefendant/Respondent
Christopher Lavoie, EsquireBarbara Webster, LPNDefendant/Respondent
Alan Barry Rindler, EsquireRobert E. Young, M.D.Defendant/Respondent
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
04/25/2012 #1 Petition for interlocutory review with attachments, filed by Barbara Johnson, & Stephanie Johnson Leslie.
04/25/2012 #2 RE#1: The petition is stayed pending action on trial court action on plaintiff's motion for reconsideration. Status report due on or before 5/24/12. *Notice/Attest/Hely, J.
05/23/2012 #3 Letter w/attachments from Attorney Nicole Paquin re: Status of motion for reconsideration in Plymouth Superior Court.^
05/24/2012 #4 RE#2: Appellate proceedings stayed to 6/25/12. Status report due 6/25/12. *Notice.
06/12/2012 #5 Status report, filed by Barbara Johnson, Stephanie Johnson Leslie.
06/13/2012 Opposition to petition for interlocutory review, filed by Kindred Healthcare, Inc., Kindred Nursing Centers East, LLC, Kindred Healthcare Operating, Inc., Braintree Nursing, LLC, Barbara Webster, LPN.^
06/20/2012 ORDER: This case appears to present novel questions of law, whether a person acting solely pursuant to a health care proxy can elect arbitration and, if so, on whose behalf, and that these issues are not appropriate for resolution by a single justice. Therefore, it is ordered that petitioners be, and hereby are, granted leave to take an interlocutory appeal. The plaintiffs' notice of appeal is to be filed with the Superior Court on or before July 6, 2012. Thereafter, the record is to be assembled in accordance with Mass. R. App. P. 9. All proceedings in the Superior Court are stayed pending further order of the Appeals Court or a single justice thereof (Wolohojian, J.). Notice/attest/Hely, J.