Court Case Record Alfred Bernat and John Doe (L.S.) v. Tomas & Benancia Sotelo 01-16-00234-CV UID(4b7d)

Alfred Bernat and John Doe (L.S.) v. Tomas & Benancia Sotelo Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 01-16-00234-CV

Case Number01-16-00234-CV
Case TitleAlfred Bernat and John Doe (L.S.) v. Tomas & Benancia Sotelo
Case TypeBill of Review
StateTexas, TX
Court164th District Court
Court AddressHonorable Judge 164th District Court
Field Date03/18/2016
Close Date


John Doe (L.S.)Doe (L.S.) , John Appellant
Alfred F. BernatBernat, Alfred F.Appellant
Stacy L. StairTomas & Benancia SoteloAppellee
Case Events
Date Event Type Description Disposition Document
03/30/2016 Fee paid Appellant
03/30/2016 Motion to dismiss filed Appellee
03/28/2016 Motion to consolidate filed Appellant
03/28/2016 Amended notice of appeal filed
03/23/2016 No payment arrangements made with court reporter for record Appellant
03/22/2016 Court reporters information sheet sent Court Reporter
03/22/2016 No reporters record filed in civil case Court Reporter
03/22/2016 No clerks record filed in civil case District Clerk
03/18/2016 Case began in court of appeals
03/18/2016 Notice of appeal filed in trial court
03/18/2016 Notice of appeal received Appellant
06/24/2013 Record due
03/22/2013 Motion for new trial was filed in the trial court
02/22/2013 Judgment signed by trial court judge
Set Date Calendar Type Reason Set
03/28/2016 Motion Motion to consolidate appeals
03/30/2016 Motion Motion to dismiss
04/21/2016 Status Response due
04/22/2016 Status Response due