Court Case Record ARNOLD NOEL vs. JEAN STENIO LOUIS & another 2012-J-0149 UID(9fe3)

ARNOLD NOEL vs. JEAN STENIO LOUIS & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2012-J-0149

Case Number2012-J-0149
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtSuffolk Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date04/19/2012
Close Date04/24/2012


Arnold NoelPro Se Plaintiff/Respondent
Ernst Guerrier, EsquireJean Stenio LouisDefendant/Petitioner
Office of Chief Medical ExaminerDefendant
Barthe RomelusPro Se Other/respondent
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
04/19/2012 #1 Motion for stay under M.R.A.P. 6(a) with attachments, filed by Jean Stenio Louis.
04/20/2012 #2 ORDER: The Order of the Superior Court, dated April 19, 2012, denying the defendant's Emergency Motion to Enjoin and Restrain Arnold Noel and Barthine Noel From Cremating the Body of Clairzilia Fleurimont, is stayed pending a hearing on the matter and until further notice of the court.(2) (Meade, J.) *Notice. footnotes: (1) Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. (2) Hearing scheduled for Monday, April 23, 11:00 A.M.
04/20/2012 #3 Telephone notice to counsel for hearing before Meade, J. on April 23, 2012 @ 11:00 a.m., Courtroom 4.
04/20/2012 #4 Motion for opposition, filed by Barthe Romelus.
04/20/2012 #5 Motion to request a hearing, filed by Barth Romelus.
04/23/2012 #6 Opposition to motion to dismiss appeal for lack of jurisdiction and for fraud upon the court and for a frivolous appeal, filed by Arnold Noel.
04/23/2012 #7 Hearing held.
04/23/2012 #8 Appearance of Attorney Arnold Noel, Pro Se Plaintiff/Respondent.
04/23/2012 Appearance of Attorney Ernst Guerrier for Jean Stenio Louis.
04/24/2012 ORDER: Treating the within request for a stay of the order of the Superior Court judge as having been filed pursuant to G. L. c. 231, ยง 118 (par. 1), and having determined that the judge did not abuse her discretion, it is denied. Consistent with the judge's order, the body of the deceased is to be released to the surviving adult children of the deceased for purposes of burial or cremation. (Meade, J.). Notice/attest/Fahey, J.