Court Case Record AQUA-LEISURE INDUSTRIES, INC. & another vs. DWYER & COLLORA & others 2001-P-0573 UID(8cd4)

AQUA-LEISURE INDUSTRIES, INC. & another vs. DWYER & COLLORA & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2001-P-0573

Case Number2001-P-0573
Case TitleAQUA-LEISURE INDUSTRIES, INC. & another vs. DWYER & COLLORA & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtNorfolk Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date01/29/1999
Close Date05/10/2001


Stephen A. Roach, EsquireAqua-Leisure Industries, Inc.Plaintiff/Appellant
Stephen A. Roach, EsquireSimon FiremanPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael L. Chinitz, EsquireDwyer & ColloraDefendant/Appellee
Michael L. Chinitz, EsquireThomas E. Dwyer, Jr.Defendant/Appellee
Michael L. Chinitz, EsquireWilliam H. KettlewellDefendant/Appellee
John D. Lawrence, EsquireHutchins, Wheeler & Dittmar, PCDefendant/Appellee
John D. Lawrence, EsquireRobert P. ShermanDefendant/Appellee
Jonathan W. LubellOut of state counsel
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
04/27/2001 #1 Entered.
05/04/2001 #2 Conference Project Participation Notice.
05/07/2001 #3 MOTION to consolidate 2000-P-1064 with 2001-P-573, filed by Aqua-Leisure Industries, Inc. and Simon Fireman.
05/10/2001 RE#3: Allowed. 01-P-573 is consolidated with 00-P-1064 for purposes of briefing and oral argument. All further filings shall be under 00-P-1064 only. Counsel is advised that, if this case is returned to briefing, he will need to file a motion for admission, pro hac vice, with this court. *Notice/see image on 00-P-1064 paper #6.
05/10/2001 For further entries, see A.C. 00-P-1064.
11/02/2001 DAR DENIED (on 11/01/01).