Court Case Record ALEXANDRIA WUDYKA vs. STEVEN R. WUDYKA 2011-J-0354 UID(6139)


Court Case Number: 2011-J-0354

Case Number2011-J-0354
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyEssex Probate & Family
CourtEssex Probate & Family
Court Address
Field Date08/11/2011
Close Date09/15/2011


Isaac Borenstein, EsquireAlexandria WudykaPlaintiff/Petitioner
Edward M. Mahlowitz, EsquireSteven R. WudykaDefendant/Respondent
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
08/11/2011 #1 Petition pursuant to M.G.L. c. 231, § 118 with attachments, filed by Alexandria Wudyka.
08/11/2011 #2 Memo: The DCF report included with the petition is IMPOUNDED.
08/11/2011 #3 ORDER: The plaintiff has filed a petition for interlocutory review pursuant to M. G. L. c. 231, § 118 (first par.) Of an order of the Probate & Family Court (Essex Division No. ES09D-0210-DR; July 19, 2011; Ricci, J.) The matter is remanded to the probate court judge for findings to be made in support of her order, to be made on or before August 25, 2011. (Rubin, J.). Notice/attest/Ricci, J.
08/17/2011 #4 ORDER: I have been informed that an Assistant Judicial Case Manager of the Probate and Family Court has informed the office of the Clerk of this court that the motion judge in this matter will be on vacation through September 5, 2011. Consequently, the date for the issuance by the judge of the findings referred to in this court's order of August 11, 2011, shall be extended so that the findings shall be made on or before September 12, 2011. (Rubin, J.) *Notice/Attest.
09/09/2011 #5 Copy of "Relevant procedural history, findings of fact, and rationale in support of Further temporary order dated July 19, 2011" by Judge Ricci on 9/8/11, received from Essex County Probate and Fam. Ct.
09/15/2011 #6 RE#1: After review of the petition, the judge's findings & conclusions of law, the relevant material in the appendix attached to the petition, the petitioner's request for relief is denied (Cypher, J.). Notice/attest/Ricci, J.
09/20/2011 #7 Motion & supplemental memorandum in support of petition, filed by Alexandria Wudyka.
09/20/2011 #8 Letter from Attorney Isaac Borenstein re: Request for hearing.
09/22/2011 #9 Copy of the Deposition Transcript of Susanne Meyer, dated April 8, 2011, received from Isaac Borenstein, Esquire.
09/22/2011 ORDER: The petition for relief is denied. The rationale is to follow (Cypher, J.). Notice/attest/Ricci, J.
09/23/2011 ORDER: Meyers was hired to perform a specific task. When her deposition testimony is viewed in context, it is readily apparent that the petition and supporting memorandum are, at a minimum, hyperbolic. The concerns about the impartiality of Judge Ricci are not supported by the record. Considering the conduct of Attorney Borenstein at the deposition, as noted by Judge Ricci, the reference to the code of judicial conduct is specious (Cypher, J.). Notice/attest/Ricci, J.